Philippe Tabet

Philippe Tabet Studio, based in Milan since 2013.

Moved under the influence of two cultures, Philippe Tabet withdraws his passion for hand-drawing from his french origins and history along with industrial background from his adoptive country, Italy.

The will of experimenting new formal and technical solutions together with the chosal of materials has brought the Studio to the creation of several typologies of products. In Philippe Tabet’s work the clash of two cultures shows up in the use of specific components and materials which melt, as in the Ruelle project, winner of the 2014 Infiniti Design Contest, in which the wood combines with the aluminium and both create a refined and innovative sitting though remaining fair to the tradition.

The study in the hand-drawing is particularly remarked in the Sweep prototype and in the Esse sitting ensemble, designed for Pianca and showcased at the 2015 Salone del Mobile. In both cases the line is unique and saves up the entirety of the functional elements in just a shape which defines the object itself.

The purpose is creating an unexpected aesthetic and technic that allow the products to effortlessly place themselves in the surrounding landscape.

The idea behind the creative process is that the shape comes from the material and thereby the matching of the materials gives life to a wide range of infinite shapes.

Among many Philippe Tabet Studio’s clients : Miniforms, Incipit, Xsories, Pianca, Infiniti.

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