6 – 9 JUNE 2019



Creativity and craftsmanship on display to celebrate editorial design



Karpeta, rugs brand based in Reggio Calabria, and Texturae, company specialised in wallpaper design and production, showcase their most iconic products in a joint exhibition at EDIT Napoli design fair, within the evocative setting of Complesso di S. Domenico Maggiore.

The products, both the ones decorating the walls and those giving warmth to the floor, not only redesign the rooms, but also create an aesthetic experience of narrative design aimed at transforming the interior environment. The activity of Texturae and Karpeta is based on a deep aesthetic research and focuses on the quality excellence of the products offered. In each collection of both brands, designers and artists can express their creativity with inspirations coming from their personal sensitivity, having the opportunity to work in small or large scale, experimenting with the use and combination of various techniques. All Texturae and Karpeta products reflect the principles and philosophy driving the brand: the high creative and conceptual contents, the low environmental impact, the use of high quality materials, the combination of traditional and avant-garde techniques.

EDIT Napoli represents an important opportunity for Karpeta and Texturae to showcase their products and entrepreneurial philosophy within a context that does not only give space to commercial needs, but spotlights the cultural values of craftsmanship and creativity. Texturae and Karpeta have always put an extensive focus into qualitative and innovative research in the production of their collections, with a particular attention to the themes of craftsmanship and sustainability, and the curatorial and conceptual framework of EDIT Napoli perfectly reflects the intellectual prerogatives that guide the daily work of the two brands.



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Laguna by storagemilano

Checkers by Karpeta team

Savanna Silver by Karpeta team

Treccia by Valentina Cameranesi




This is the brand’s latest product, presented during Milan Design Week 2019. The design of the rug is signed by the Milanese architecture and design studio storagemilano. The product was born as “a picture of chromatic contrasts poured between the raw and the delicate depths of a lake“.



The rug, from the Trame collection, was designed and produced by Karpeta creative team. Born as a synthesis of the millenary Indian textile tradition and the most innovative national and international inspirations, Checkers takes up earthy colors and is entirely handmade with cotton and wool from New Zealand.



The Savanna rug is also part of the Trame collection. The product, hand-woven according to the most ancient techniques in the artisan tradition, is available in different colors to suit the most varied tastes.



The classic female braids and the symbolic motifs of the artist Jean Lurçat inspired the rug designed by Valentina Cameranesi. The pattern is hand-drawn, while the weave of jute, cotton and bamboo silk has been woven with the traditional oriental soumak technique.





Type 1.2 by Anthony Roussel

Type 2.1 by Anthony Roussel

Arcade A by Elisa Ossino

Piano B by Servomuto

Roots by Gianluigi Landoni

Via della Seta by Vito Nesta


Type 1.2 / Type 2.1

The wallpaper, designed by Anthony Roussel, consists in the deconstruction and reworking of the classic diamond shape, processed and manipulated with unusual colors and optical effects. A new but recognizable shape, the deconstructed gem rediscovers its three-dimensionality thanks to dense and heavy shadows.


Arcade A

Trompe l’oeil and metaphysical painting inspired the “surface transformation project” conceived by Elisa Ossino. The illusionistic construction of a backdrop of architectural elements with a square shape allows to imagine and dream of a continuation of the space beyond the wall. Structured in alternating modules, it allows the creation of different surfaces each time, transforming the environment into a scenography.


Piano B

The wallpaper by Milanese studio Servomuto, with its curtain pattern, suggests hidden spaces, secret rooms where it is possible to get lost with fantastic escape routes. The project is realized in collaboration with the photographer Guido Barbagelata.



Graphic overlapping of a cornfield over a wooden texture, these are the key element characterizing the wallpaper designed by architect Gianluigi Landoni, where the brush strokes emphasize a natural, rich in details surface.


Via della Seta

Vito Nesta presents a dreamy, Chinese landscape, like those encountered by travelers in ancient times. The designer imagines the Silk Road, the place where a complex commercial and cultural exchange took place and led to the development of the ancient civilizations of Egypt, China, India and Rome.