NEWS 2020



The two brands present their first novelty products in a shared artistic path, with the creative direction of / àr o/ studio, and a brand new exhibition space in the heart of Milan


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Karpeta and Texturae are the two sister brands, specialized in rugs and wallpapers respectively, linked by a creative vision and a common mission: Karpeta and Texturae’s products not only complete the interior space, but they aim to create an immersive experience that reshapes the environment in a scenic world of colors, patterns and enveloping textures.

The 2020 product novelties, developed under the creative direction of Raquel Pacchini and Andrea Steidl, founders of / àr o/ studio, are based on daring aesthetic experimentation that originates from different creative worlds: the collections are in fact designed by a pool of designers, illustrators, graphic designers, architects, and artists with varied styles and backgrounds. Eclectic in training, inspiration, and style, the national and international designers selected by the new creative directors explore different themes and paths, but all in perfect balance between avant-garde design and craftsmanship.

The first products of the 2020 collection, unveiled for the first time, showcase an approach to design that is pure exploration and freedom of creative expression: surreal plays of light and shadows, ambitious color contrasts, soft graphics, deliberately dirty brushstrokes cross the patterns and offer a unique stylistic experience.

The first new paper proposed by Texturae is the experimental elaboration of the creative studio of Eindhoven Raw Color: the motif of LINUS wallpaper reproduces the lines of chalk pastels, which appear dusty and imperfect like freehand traces on a blackboard. The repetitive pattern combines different colors and thicknesses, creating intuitive patterns in various compositions.

Karpeta instead presents the first collaboration between the Milanese studio directed by Alessandra Salaris and the radical approach of Sans Nom, who create together the OVERSHADOW rug. Hand-tufted, the product investigates the theme of transparency, creating an illusion of shadows that multiply on the surface in a game of overlapping. A thin graphic line interrupts both visually and materially, bringing out the structured weave of the fabric, while the perimeter fringes, which seem to flee from the shadow that covers the surface, accentuate the chromatic contrast of the composition.

The two brands present their creative novelties to the public in the brand new Milanese showroom, a shared space located in a historic building in the heart of the 5 Vie district, which houses the collections of both brands, whose synergy gives rise to a revolutionary approach to living everyday space. The showroom was conceived as a creative hub, a place of sharing and inspiration for architects, interior designers, and retailers looking for innovative and highly creative wall and floor covering solutions. Not a simple sales space, but a real reference point for all those who want to experience the creative language of Texturae and Karpeta, the study of color and textures in their less conventional meanings and the development of customized decorative solutions and techniques.