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Vinyl support

The vinyl wallpaper is printed on top of the base, which is vinyl backed with a TNT sheet, which guarantees high stability during application and removal.

The paper is easily washable and flame retardant and does not shrink, does not warp and does not tear when pasted.

It does not contain heavy metals and it conforms to the standard of permeability and water vapour belonging to fire class B-s2, d0.

Cellulose support

The wallpaper in natural cellulose is formed from a single layer and is light and delicate.

This wallpaper is compatible with the environment, which is also characterized by its thermal effect, in fact, it maintains the constant temperature in the environment in which it is applied.


Fiberglass support

The fiberglass wallpaper has great resistance to abrasion and scratching. It is non-yellowing and is resistant to ultraviolet radiation. It requires minimal maintenance and is hypoallergenic.

It is ideal for external or humid environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens due to its resistance to moisture and mould. It belongs to fire class B-s2, d0.



Texturae inks own certificates of excellence that ensure maximum respect for the environment, provenance of the raw materials and its safe use.

They are water-based and odour-less, which are completely suitable for any environment and to particular contexts such as restaurants and health facilities. They are not flammable, non-combustible
and are nickel free. The high quality is ideal for both large and small covers. They do not require warning labels according to EU Directive 1999/45 / EC.